Root Timberline Collenette Candles

Root Timberline Collenette Candles


Root's Timberline Collenette candles are robust in size, yet simple enough to pair with just about any style of dining. The finish resembles the smooth weathered bark of a tree. Measuring 1 1/4 in diameter, the burn time on this candle is 2 1/2 hours per inch. The bottom of the candle tapers to fit any fine candle holder. We stock our best selling 9-Inch size in the best selling colors.

Root Candles are a family owned business in the USA, who have been producing candle, bee keeping and bees wax products since 1869. They are the quintessential experts on everything and anything that has to do with bees and beeswax. They are the publisher of Bee Culture, the magazine of America Beekeeping.

Dimensions & Care

Measures 1 1/4 x 9-Inches

Keep your candle wicks trimmed to 1/4 of an inch and straight up both wick and stick before lighting.

Remove any foreign objects from the wax, so the candle burns evenly.

Decorative arrangements of candles should be 4 inches from one another to prevent burn problems.

Candles burn best between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, in a draft-free area.

Blowing out candles can cause the liquid wax to splatter, and the candle wick to glow and smoke.

Extinguish candles by placing the snuffer over the candle without touching it, allowing for enough time to eliminate the afterglow and remaining smoke.

When storing candles after use, keep them in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


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