Match Pewter Woodgrain Charger


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Match Pewter Woodgrain Charger
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For thousands of years pewter has been coveted in homes of those who enjoy beautifully crafted metalwork and who may also appreciate pewters warm and inviting hue in ambient light. Match Italian Pewter uses these traditional methods with artisans who have passed down this ancient craft for generations.

The hallmarks of each piece are the signatures of the artisan's skilled hands. Every piece of Match pewter is marked with the manufacturer's "M" hallmark as well as the mark of tin content "95". Match uses many historical reference and even some actual antique molds to create their beautiful, timeless works of art.

Each piece is made with an alloy that is lead free, food safe and FDA approved.

Dimensions & Care

Measures 12.5-Inches

Pewter tarnishes at a very slow rate and so it requires very little care beyond hand washing and drying immediately. Should you want to polish your pewter, almost any metal polish will do, but please read the container before using and test on a small non-visible area.


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